Context of Authorships.org

Academic authorship of journal articles is a means of scholars making intellectual contributions of their work, communicating their findings, and building their reputation among their peers. 

There are many issues concerning authorship that are still controversial, with qualification as well as the order of authorship remaining the main dispute in the majority of collaborative work worldwide. 


Aim of Authorships.org

With the interest of promoting the highest ethics in medical and science publishing, the aim of this project was to develop an open access web-based software for the objective qualification and order of authorship in medical and science journals, in an attempt to reduce or even eliminate such disputes.


Methods of Authorships.org

The items of International Committee of Medical Journal Editors Uniform Requirements for Manuscripts Submitted to Biomedical Journals including; conceptionexecution, and documentation of research was used to design the first part of the software, focusing on identifying and differentiating individuals whose work qualifies them as authors and those as contributors (Figure 1).


Figure 1 - Qualification for authorship or acknowledgement

The second part of the software design concerning the order (Figure 2) of the qualifying authors as they may appear in a given manuscript was based on the well established Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) method (Figure 3), as it is the most suitable for objective multiple criteria decision-making and ranking


Figure 2 - Order of authors that may appear in a manuscript


Figure 3 - Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) method for multiple comparisons and ranking of the authors' contributions

Implimentation of Authorships.org

Authorships.org is, to the best of our knowledge, the first open access web-based software to objectively indicate the qualification and order of academic authorship in medical and science journals

The output results of Authorships.org may become obligatory for submission as a separate document along with a manuscript, as nowadays more and more journals request the authors to indicate the various types of contributions to their work. 

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Budget of Authorships.org

PART A - Completion of the development of Authorships.org

  • Server rental:  300 CHF for 1 year
  • Domain name purchase: 20 CHF for 1 year
  • Complete the development of the software and deliver a stable version (80 hours): 1,680 CHF 
  • Kickstarter fees: 160
  • Subtotal: 2,160 CHF
  • Succesfully funded on Kickstarter on 20.04.2016 with 2,230 CHF, URL

PART B - Evaluation and Implementation of Authorships.org

  • Email Marketing: 1,000 CHF for 1 year
  • ​Presentation in a scientific meeting: 1,500 CHF
  • Open access availability of the manuscript: 2,000 CHF
  • Data management and funding coordinator: 5000 CHF
  • Other expenses: 340 CHF
  • ​Subtotal: 9,840 CHF

Total: 12,000 CHF

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The Authorships.org Team