Evaluation of Authorships.org

Thank you for considering evaluating Authorships.org

Please ensure you have first tested Authorships.org before evaluating it. If not, please click on the link below: 

Below you will find the items of the first round of the evaluation of Authorships.org

You are kindly asked to provide us with your personal and professional information for three reasons:

  1. To include you and your professional information in the contributors' list of our website.
  2. To include you in the contributors' list in any publication derived from Authorships.org
  3. To ensure that your submission is real and not spam.
Personal Information
Diplomas such as: MD, MSc, MBA, PhD. Please list them separated by a comma ",".
Professional Information
This is a web address that points at your personal page of your institution, alternatively your linkedIn, ResearchGate, Google Scholar, Google+, Twitter, or Facebook account.
Authorships.org Evaluation